Our Story

Created For Women Like You, By Women Like You

The Haifa Hair Company Vision

More Than Just Raw Virgin Hair Extensions

Our goals reach far beyond simply providing the best extensions for fine to medium hair. That is what we do, yes, but why do we do it?

We envision a future where women embrace extensions and feel free to explore new looks and styles without feeling untrue to their natural selves... because they look like their natural selves!

That’s why we work tirelessly to make available to you extensions that last, blend beautifully with your own hair, and that enhance you instead of distracting from it.

How It All Started

Meet Our Founder

Naturally, she wanted to look absolutely stunning on her big day so she began the search for the best raw virgin hair extensions. After trying dozens upon dozens of extension brands, she came up empty-handed and disappointed. And no matter what brand she tried, the same problems kept rearing their ugly heads.

Many extensions ended up a tangled, matted mess while others tended to shed like there was no tomorrow. Equally as bad, she just couldn’t seem to find extensions that blended well with her natural hair.

It was about more than just the quality of the hair, she realized. The texture and density could make all the difference when it came to achieving a natural, gorgeous look. Set out to bridge the gap between cute and quality not just for herself but for all the other extensions-lovin’ ladies out there with fine to medium hair. And so Haifa Hair Company was born.

The Perfect Blend Is Only One Strand Away

We Believe in Quality

We’ve gone to great lengths to create collections of the highest quality. Our years of testing to find the best raw fine to medium hair available have paid off. Forget about tangling, matting, shedding, and every other problem you’ve ever had with extensions. You can shop our collections with full confidence and, once your extensions are in, you can strut with full confidence too!

Reasons to Love Haifa Hair Company

  • All-natural, chemical free
  • Softly textured for fine + medium hair
  • No tangling or matting
  • Natural appearance luster
  • Strong and extra durable weft
  • Versatile for effortless styling

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